Allurements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Allurements:

The whole land breathed hope, and youth, and allurement to every delight, of which she alone possessed the store.

It is a peaceful scene, not without something of allurement.

This marching into the unknown held for them the allurement of adventure, as none but Sherman knew their destination.

The moment every obstacle was removed to her marriage with Teddie Luton, half the allurement was gone.

A mental picture of the silvery Thames, green-wooded and sunny, proved too strong an allurement to resist.

The case is different with those who before marriage catch allurement from being taught.

Everything about her,—her mouth, her eyes, her very plainness—was instinct with allurement and solicitation.

The jail only acts as an allurement for the majority of Filipinos, for it is generally better than their own houses.

He had successfully resisted the temptation, and the allurement was gone.

Mine eyes, though bent on view of novel sights Their lov'd allurement, were not slow to turn.