Alluringly [adverb]

Definition of Alluringly:

in an attractive or pleasing manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Alluringly:


Sentence/Example of Alluringly:

Madame quickly ran through some calculations and pronounced a sum alluringly small.

Might their melodies not strike freshly and alluringly on the ear to-day?

He will give up the idea of fame and fortune so alluringly set forth in the circulars sent out by some attorneys.

She rewarded him with one of her alluringly ravishing smiles and a touch of her slender foot.

If one could achieve something like leggings in addition to a masculine cut of coat, one could swagger about most alluringly.

We chose this spot for the reason that a great railway alluringly crossed the river at that place.

The wagon road stretched alluringly into the sunflecked shade of the grove.

His big, bovine eyes rested hungrily on the capacious, leather-cushioned seat alluringly vacant in the chariot.

But now, behold the shrine, attractive before, newly and alluringly decked!

She wore a blond wig, and her eyes in their pits of black were alluringly bright.