Allusion [noun]

Definition of Allusion:

indirect reference; hint

Synonyms of Allusion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allusion:

Sentence/Example of Allusion:

With every allusion that Ramona made to the saints' statues, Alessandro's desire to procure one for her deepened.

The words are very old, and conveyed a certain religious and political allusion.

The story of Longius is very common; hence Chaucer readily introduced an allusion to it, though his original has no hint of it.

There are some other survivals in man of ancient structures to which a passing allusion must suffice.

There is an obvious allusion in this line to the common proverb—'As fain as fowl of a fair morrow,' which is quoted in the Kn.

She is frequently represented in art; sometimes, in allusion to her name, with a lamb as her attribute.

This is a humorous allusion to a manner of serving up pikes which is well illustrated in the Fifteenth-Century Cookery-books, ed.

An allusion to the fable in sop about the earthern and brazen pots being dashed together.

On the lower part are three conquering horses, probably in allusion to the name Vincent.

From time to time some happy allusion or pleasant saying dropped from his lips, to delight those who received it.