Allusions [noun]

Definition of Allusions:

indirect reference; hint

Synonyms of Allusions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allusions:

Sentence/Example of Allusions:

But Decker's and Ben Jonson's works abound in allusions to tobacco, its uses and abuses.

Hence the danger—ever to be avoided—of using classical allusions in teaching the average student.

These and similar allusions are merely translated, and have therefore no special significance.

They have, indeed, been reproached with having carried this taste for allegories and allusions a little too far.

Its allegory, its learned literary allusions, its delving into obscure historic events, preclude any hope of popular success.

Both here and in the Squieres Tale we find the allusions to Lamech, and to blue as the colour of constancy; see notes to ll.

Not only do we view these allusions as relics, but we may as justly consider them in the light of literary fossils.

He is no longer pedantic; he no longer makes vulgar allusions, but only fears that they might be made.

He is fond of making critical allusions in his sermons; and is rather lengthy in his talk.

Those allusions to former times foreshadow an evil intent on their part.