Allusive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Allusive:

The edge of her wit had become poignant, her speech rendered logical and allusive.

He was genial and jocose, sunburnt and romantically allusive.

Immersed in a subject with which they were all familiar, they were allusive, elliptic, and persistently technical.

Of course, they are not ready for the indirect and allusive manner, nor for the lyric egoism, of the pure literary essay.

Of course letters enable you to evade some of the difficulties of the novelist's task, to be discursive, allusive and incomplete.

This follows from the allusive way in which he and his wife are introduced—there must be a background to allusions.

For several days she was entertained by splendid pageantries, principally allusive to the trade and manufactures of the city.

The horn-book, bib, and rattle are evidently displayed as punningly allusive to his name.

In the centres are eagles, allusive, it is possible, to Don Alfonso's claim to be crowned Emperor….

He sometimes added A Linnel Vivarino to his name and date, allusive to his surname.