Alluvial [adjective]

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In the valleys the land is a deep alluvial loam, easily worked, producing bountiful crops of the finest leaf tobacco.

The Pryor makes the heaviest, richest shipping, and can only be grown to perfection on alluvial or heavily manured lands.

As the alluvial deposit is laid down, a good deal of vegetable matter was built into it.

At the same time the alluvial materials, building out to sea, thus diminish the slope of the stream.

Since then alluvial plains have filled this estuary to even beyond the original mouth.

Four hundred yards apart the two parties emerged from the sublime portal of the cañon and entered upon the little alluvial plain.

The rough granite ranges, by the way, we found rich in alluvial and reef tin.

But—payable alluvial and plenty of it only twenty miles away!

In the alluvial valleys of their lower courses mud bottoms are found.

It forms part of the great alluvial plain of the Ganges, which divides it into two unequal portions.