Alluvion [noun]

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Alluvion, al-lū′vi-un, n. land gained from the sea by the washing up of sand and earth.

The whole party crowded to the spot where Uncas pointed out the impression of a moccasin in the moist alluvion.

Further down, abrupt cliffs and overhanging precipices are frequently seen at the termination of the river alluvion.

The cypress begins near the mouth of the Ohio and spreads through the alluvion portions of the Lower Valley.

Immediately on the banks of the Ohio and other large rivers are strips of rich alluvion soil.

Surface various; along the river and creeks, low alluvion; soil, loam mixed with sand.

The American bottom adjacent to the Mississippi is rich alluvion, and divided into timber and prairie.

Rich alluvion along the Mississippi, with much excellent table land,—both timber and prairie interior.

Alluvion is the name for an accession of land washed up on the sea-shore or on a river-bank by the waters.

Frugality is an old fashioned virtue that is deeply covered with the alluvion of modern extravagance.