Almanac [noun]

Definition of Almanac:

document containing information for a year

Synonyms of Almanac:

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Sentence/Example of Almanac:

The smaller value has by now even been adopted as the official value on the National Institute of Standards and Technology CODATA list of recommended physical constants—the official almanac for nuclear and atomic chemists and physicists.

His Almanac was preferred to that of Leadbeater, or any other calculator cotemporary with himself.

The Indian, when he hears these lessons, will do well to say to his guide that he will have none of his almanac.

Let us take, for example, a copy of that popular almanac for the year of grace 1749.

His acquisitive mind was never idle, and in 1732 he began the publication of the celebrated "Poor Richard's Almanac."

The mania for celebration became so great that reference was frequently made to the almanac.

The heat-wave had put forward the almanac, and the Newport season was in full swing nearly a month in advance of its usual date.

A gentleman, on the contrary, in addition to his other noble inutilities, is useless as an almanac.

Metropolitan dwellers have small knowledge of what an important book the almanac is to many country people.

In many a quiet farm home the appearance of the new almanac is looked forward to with great interest.