Aloft [adverb]

Definition of Aloft:

high up

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Opposite/Antonyms of Aloft:



Sentence/Example of Aloft:

The long nights help temperatures near the ground cool significantly, but high pressure aloft often traps a warm layer just hundreds or thousands of feet off the ground.

Time will tell whether Tesla’s stock price can stay aloft or whether, somehow, this time is different.

On the morning of October 14, 1947, the X-1 was once again carried aloft by its B-29 mother ship.

The researchers attribute Phaethon’s dust production to the extreme heat, which breaks rocks on the asteroid’s surface and sends particles aloft.

Dried tilapia, the fish of choice for East Africa, held aloft in hope of a sale.

Their body mass-to-wing ratio was a bit too high for them to stay aloft to glide longer distances.

Unlike many aquatic birds, modern songbirds lose only a few feathers at a time, enabling them to stay aloft year-round for foraging or to escape predators.

The color-bearer went down, but the flag was seized by Randolph Hamilton, and held aloft.

Holding the violin aloft, he cried exultingly: Henceforth thou art mine, though death and oblivion lurk ever near thee!

The child, whose eyes were open, was held aloft in triumph, and he stared at Haggard with a wondering gaze.