Alohas [noun]

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We did ride the next day, and many days thereafter; and Aloha proved all and more than the Kentuckian had promised.

Today Oahu welcomes an astounding number of visitors to share its exotic scenery, eternal summer climate and warm aloha spirit.

The sun was lowering and birds of evening were beginning to brood over the painted water when The Aloha cast anchor.

For an hour or more the moon, flooding the edge of the deck of The Aloha, cast four shadows sharply upon the smooth boards.

The Aloha is his, and so am I, busy body and idle soul, for using up his yacht and his time on a newspaper story.

Some gave us the native salutation as we passed the soft "aloha," which, literally translated, means "My love to you."

At the ranch gate is a sign to the effect that this is Aloha Ranch Inn, and that meals can be had at all hours.

They were cordial and kind, and their "aloha" was very hearty as we shook hands with each.

The door is always open and over its lintel is 'Aloha,' which means 'Welcome.'

And "Kilauea's 'Aloha' to the Lurline" it has always been to us since.