Alonenesses [noun]

Definition of Alonenesses:

state of being alone

Synonyms of Alonenesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alonenesses:


Sentence/Example of Alonenesses:

This aloneness fell upon them like a thing that had a pulse and was alive.

There was only the sea and the sky and the stars, only the perfection of aloneness, Le rve de rester ensemble sans dessein.

Yet in that aloneness, when companionship was more precious than anything else on earth, neither had cried quits.

He found a healing chastity in his sudden aloneness; it roused in him an almost angry desire to recover his lost monasticism.

Wilder had cruised away, and the young consul was conscious of a sense of aloneness.

The deep, rich aloneness, reached and perfected through love.

It was a different kind of aloneness, but even more desperate from the feeling of helplessness that went with it.

Anita and I had never felt so horrible a sense of aloneness as that which swept us in those succeeding minutes.

He knew that he would never be able to describe it, this loneliness—or aloneness; one man, and a dog, with a world to themselves.

It was a habit of his years of aloneness, this talking to a creature that could make no answer.