Along [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Along:

All along the highways and by-paths of our literature we encounter much that pertains to this "queen of plants."

First a shower of shells dropping all along the lower ridges and out over the surface of the Bay.

May looked along at the dimpled grace, And then at the saint-like, fair old face, “How funny!”

Two Battalions racing due North along the coast and foothills with levelled bayonets.

Presently there was a clattering of hoofs behind him, and Ribsy came galloping along the road, with nothing on him but his collar.

So we put on our things, and proceeded to walk along the river to a place called Paradise, on account of its loveliness.

If we are to have a real education along lines of expression we must begin with the "content," or cause, of expression.

Let me illustrate: Last week, month, or year you saw a military procession pass along the streets.

That he laughed at their folly, and went himself in the boat, ordering his men to take a strong cable along with them.

We stumbled along, close up, for the thick-piled clouds still hung their light-obscuring banners over the sky.