Aloud [adverb]

Definition of Aloud:

in a spoken voice, usually not softly

Synonyms of Aloud:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aloud:

Sentence/Example of Aloud:

It’s another installment of the Freakonomics Radio Book Club, in which we interview the author of a noteworthy book and hear some of the best passages read aloud.

The league demanded the play no longer be read aloud, and they targeted Horn, who supported the district, with a recall petition drive.

That conflicts with clinicians, who in interviews said that the policy was read aloud at the beginning of shifts.

Earlier this week, The Atlantic wondered aloud why more schools weren’t considering outdoor options that would allow kids to return to some form of in-person learning.

It was such a magnificent sum that Sol did not feel like taking the familiarity with it of mentioning it aloud.

At Felipe's cry, the women waiting in the hall hurried in, wailing aloud as their first glance showed them all was over.

"The worst of it is that the children will grow up away from me," thought Mamma; but she did not say it aloud.

She groaned aloud, and her tears flowed faster: Alessandro was making the baby's coffin.

"They said at Ritz's that he was one of the young millionaires, well known already in America," the fat woman reflected aloud.

His books were read in our homes, often aloud to the family circle by paterfamilias, and moved us to laughter or tears.