Alpenstocks [noun]

Definition of Alpenstocks:

stick that aids a walker

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Sentence/Example of Alpenstocks:

Alpenstock, alp′n-stok, n. a long stick or staff used by travellers in climbing the Alps.

But the ant makes his long excursion with neither alpenstock nor luncheon, and without sleeping or even resting on the way.

Soon he had them packed and strapped to his back and was trudging in happy mood down the mountain, alpenstock in hand.

The guide went first, driving the horse before him, and Rollo followed, with his alpenstock in his hand.

The painter makes excuses for the disciples not recognising their Master by naïvely dressing Him as a tourist with an alpenstock.

They tried to tie the man with ropes, but he was too strong for them, and used his alpenstock against them, and it was no good.

As it was, he found one goat missing when he went to house them, and again he had to take his alpenstock and try what he could do.

Going up the Arête the pause between each step, whilst the alpenstock was being driven in, was sufficiently long to afford a rest.

The alpenstock was jerked violently out of his hand, and went glissading down the snow for a distance of a hundred yards at least.

Once on trying to fix my alpenstock I found that it was coated with an enamel of ice, and slipped through my wet gloves.