Alphabetical [adjective]

Definition of Alphabetical:

in ascending order of a writing system

Synonyms of Alphabetical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alphabetical:


Sentence/Example of Alphabetical:

An alphabetical list of gentlemen admitted to that society, with the dates of their admission, from 1521 to 1674.

I now go at once to the first division, naming each plant in its alphabetical order.

When the numerical index is adopted, an alphabetical index card with cross-references, including the docket index, is used.

If there are several customers in a town, their cards should be arranged in alphabetical order.

It's all alphabetical; if you want tomatoes, go to T; if you want salmon—S. Just like a dictionary.

This woman of the farm gathers the ideas and enjoys the fancies that lie behind the mere alphabetical letters.

At first the scene is chaotic enough, but, by aid of an arrangement in alphabetical groups, cosmos soon emerges.

He uses a maze of alphabetical acrostics, line by line he wreathes into his compositions the words of successive Bible texts.

Consider also that there were eighteen different orderings of the characters, or nineteen counting the alphabetical list.

If the Trojans possessed an alphabetical language, I shall probably find inscriptions in the ruins of the two temples.