Alphabets [noun]

Definition of Alphabets:

letters of a writing system

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Sentence/Example of Alphabets:

Behind the keys was a lamp board showing the letters of the alphabet.

After a few centuries of remaining at the margins, the alphabet from the Sinai swept through Europe and much of Asia and Africa, changing into the dizzying range we have today.

They come in a million different colors and patterns including the alphabet, daisies, retro cars, and more.

There are 64 codons that can be spelled with the genetic alphabet, but only 20 amino acids to make.

No law of that country must exceed in words the number of letters in their alphabet, which consists only in two-and-twenty.

If a husband were to see his wife drowning, what single letter of the alphabet would he name?

Whatever figure alphabet, however, is used, the main thing about it is to master it thoroughly.

If the pupil has mastered the Figure Alphabet he will proceed with the greatest satisfaction and profit.

For convenience of reference I now give the figure Alphabet tabulated.

Henry, greatly taken with the idea, sat up until it was almost dark, chipping out the remaining letters of the alphabet.