Alpines [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Alpines:

An exposure to north or east and the cool backing of a mass of earth is just what most Alpines delight in.

Silk hats, Derbies, and Alpines or soft-felt hats should never be brushed with a whisk broom.

They should be placed eighteen inches from the path, well behind your Snowdrops, Crocuses, and dwarf Alpines.

When Alpines came face to us, we go all back to retreat, but they not come to mined spot and didn't all bust up.

So our colonel had marvelous plan—he had huge mine dug and thought to blow up Alpines to bust them all up.

Where the rockery is in the shade, no overhanging trees must be near, if choice Alpines are expected to live there.

The gentians look very well on rockwork, but like a stronger soil than most alpines, loam suiting them best.

In a word, the exploits of Costecalde were limited to excursions among the Alpines.

They almost alarm me when I am dividing violas, and trifling with Alpines.

Many, too, are rare species in both countries and are often alpines.