Alpinists [noun]

Definition of Alpinists:

mountain climber

Synonyms of Alpinists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alpinists:


Sentence/Example of Alpinists:

Katsutaka “Jumbo” Yokoyama looks back on a legendary career as an alpinist and reflects on how growing his family has changed his perception of risk.

One of the horticulturists to whom I have referred was something of an Alpinist and was married to a Swiss lady.

But the good Alpinist had a habit of talking as he ate; it was necessary for his health.

Never within the memory of guides was there seen such an Alpinist.

The Alpinist was dumfounded, silent—in him the acme of stupefaction.

A bear is an expert Alpinist; he requires no ice axe and no lantern.

From that terrible Alpinist issued I know not what mysterious aura which lightened and buoyed up every one.

The costume of the Alpinist, his spectacles, his accent, were quite enough to confound him in their minds with those agents.

The unfortunate Alpinist puffed, sweated, and replied with "Coquin de bon sort!"

Then between the white and rosy Alp and the Alpinist a little dialogue took place regularly, which was not without its grandeur.