Also [adverb]

Definition of Also:

in addition to

Synonyms of Also:

Opposite/Antonyms of Also:


Sentence/Example of Also:

Gandhi himself signed this page on the following day, giving the date also-August 27, 1935.

Five reminders of his homely mug and not a solitary one of the also-rans!

He also-458- administered for them the government of Reggio and Modena, their two chief subject cities.

Down it went, rapidly, even as they stared, until it hung just off the also-falling asteroid.

Talk of Pompeii—why, this puts it quite among the "also-rans."

The said circumstances I owe indirectly to Payne-also a lump on the back of my head; but that is a detail.

Others-older men, chiefs, also-came at times and talked with them.