Altered [adjective]

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No vaccine will arrive in time to alter the current surge of virus, as hospitals are overwhelmed, testing capacity is stretched and intensive care units fill with sick people — right before holidays that may seed even more outbreaks.

If the regulation had been altered as Perdue wanted, it would have been a boon for some of his largest donors.

When social distancing became widespread this past spring, it dramatically altered the input into the typical transmission model, says Springborn.

If, as many researchers and coaches suspect, lifting weights stiffens your tendons in a way that boosts your running efficiency, or favorably alters your neuromuscular recruitment patterns, that’s probably nothing more than a fluke.

They should return to play only after heart inflammation or altered heartbeat patterns are gone.

An attack of this style would be reminiscent of the cyberattacks on the Israeli Water Authority from earlier this year, which attempted to alter the chlorine levels of the country’s public water supply.

Infusing transparency into a system that has been frustratingly opaque for consumers could alter the supply chain.

Despite positive news this week, no vaccine will arrive in time to quickly alter the current trajectory.

The data shows that the warming climate will alter everything from how we grow food to where people can plausibly live.

The campaign of 1796 for the time being altered the current of Massna's military life.