Alterer [noun]

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Of course, no matter your philosophy, no one is emotionally immune to truly life-altering events.

With Postal Service slowdowns significantly delaying delivery of ballots, these requests could have election-altering potential.

Now, it can feel tone deaf or confusing, if only because our baseline for “okay” has been drastically altered.

“The states remain free to alter their policies to account for any fears over the performance of USPS,” it said.

He was involved in a sexting scandal in early October, but that doesn’t seem to have greatly altered the trajectory of the race.

In epigenetic inheritance, the DNA code is not altered, but access to it is.

That kind of chip is unique because its function can be altered by software, even after it’s been installed in a piece of machinery.

In his work, he highlights the role of field synchronization across different parts of the brain in altering patterns of communication, and thus consciousness.

At the same time, the pandemic has dramatically altered our economy, resulting in high unemployment and making it difficult for an increasing number of people and families just to make ends meet.

A July report from communications firm Ketchum found that 45% of American shoppers have altered their brand preference amid the rapid changes in the world.