Altering [verb]

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If a party is protected from that pain, the incentive to listen to the public and moderate its candidates or alter its agenda wanes.

The pandemic altered all the plans and schedules we’ve become accustomed to, and it left confusion in its wake.

Harvard eventually altered it’s platform via an eventual settlement agreement.

Over the centuries, as his fame grew, people outside the Middle East altered his name to Algoritmi.

But, again, no one should expect competitive fairness in this coronavirus-altered season.

The compact, or Proposition 113, currently has no impact on the election, but it could significantly alter American democracy for good if more states sign on.

In the past decade there have been at least eight attempts by Fairfax school officials to alter admissions and boost TJ’s diversity, all of which have failed.

Some evidence—in the form of cave art—suggests that our ancestors started consuming mind-altering mushrooms thousands of years ago.

Many kinds of environmental factors, such as nutrition or stress, can alter the arrangement of DNA and proteins in chromatin, with downstream effects if the DNA is expressed and influences cell behavior.

The expense of altering the engine, and forking the water to bottom, and proving the mine, will not exceed 1000l.