Alternated [verb]

Definition of Alternated:

take turns, change back and forth

Synonyms of Alternated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alternated:

Sentence/Example of Alternated:

The pipes are alternated and in this ingenious way sympathy is largely avoided.

Resentment, anguish, bitter despair alternated within her breast, and she seemed really not to care whether she lived or died.

The mountain scenery alternated with open plains, and towards evening we came to still more beautiful mountains.

Great bluffs of gravel alternated with rocky walls, and often it was difficult to maintain a foothold.

They walked through the gravelly business streets and out into the suburbs, where log cabins alternated with tents.

The humming of the reel and the steady click-click-click of the winding alternated.

All during the dark hours a heavy fire was kept going, while the men alternated, in pairs, at sentry duty.

Their lives were spent in labors of a useful kind, alternated and relieved by devotional duties.

Bright sunny intervals alternated with light snow-squalls on the 10th, and the temperature was below freezing-point all day.

To relieve his aching arm he alternated the phonograph with the pen, and the work progressed rapidly.