Alternately [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Alternately:

Speaking alone to cameras from his reception room, rather than to the usual packed joint session of the General Assembly, he alternately struck somber and upbeat themes.

Known alternately as Cozy Bear and APT29, they have compiled a long list of breaches, including the hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016.

We forget to make rice the day before, so in goes a heaping pile of freshly cooked basmati rice, and maybe an egg, or some frozen shrimp, so that the texture is alternately crispy and goopy.

Prospect executives tap danced, alternately denying problems and explaining away the repeated findings of imminent threat.

For his heart seemed alternately full and empty; all the life he had was centred there.

It was not dark, for two little stars, a pale sun and a red moon, alternately illumined all parts.

All the wings are of a gray colour beneath, the fringe being alternately white and brown.

They are part of a family of eight children, four of whom are dumb, the dumb and the speakers being born alternately.

Cast on a hundred stitches with white wool, and knit and pearl alternately for four rows.

White wool—Knit and pearl alternately for four rows; decrease at the beginning and ending of the two plain rows.