Alternating [verb]

Definition of Alternating:

take turns, change back and forth

Synonyms of Alternating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alternating:

Sentence/Example of Alternating:

When that doesn’t work, some try alternating the right angles.

Because wind turbines are now seen as an alternate source of energy.

As you progress to the varied island areas, the oval-eyed, colorful characters will never be real beyond the PlayStation 5, but you would like to hang with them, even have a beer with them in some alternate universe.

I have a few favorites that I alternate between on backpacking excursions.

Virginia could execute its plans for field hospitals and alternate care facilities in Northern Virginia, the Hampton Roads area and Richmond, if needed.

Peanuts spoke equally to kids, who just wanted to escape into an alternate world, and adults, who found something in the comic’s underlying melancholy that reflected the experiences of life after childhood.

Repeat with the opposite arm sliding forward, and continue alternating sides for one minute.

If there’s some alternate universe where they never happened, it’s a different place indeed.

Every few years we hear about the looming “death” of theaters due to a variety of factors, including rising ticket prices and the proliferation of alternate forms of entertainment like streaming.

Continue alternating sides, making sure to look straight ahead the entire time.