Alternations [noun]

Definition of Alternations:

repeated rotation

Synonyms of Alternations:

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Sentence/Example of Alternations:

But in Virginia it was grown without interruption or alternation, and the plantations rapidly deteriorated in fertility.

The alternation of the seasons is thus complete, one-half of the empire enjoying summer, while one-half is in winter.

It is the frequent alternation of freezing and thawing that does the harm.

Each group is made up of an alternation of soft marls or clays and hard limestones or sandstones.

This mechanical alternation is objectively the same as that between the noun house and the verb to house.

Only when this reassortment of forms took place was the modern symbolic value of the foot: feet alternation clearly established.

Only later in the history of the language was the vocalic alternation made significant for number.

The dynamic basis of English is not quantity, but stress, the alternation of accented and unaccented syllables.

There can be repetition without alternation, but no alternation without repetition.

No principle gives greater pleasure than repetition, and next to it, alternation.