Alternatives [noun]

Definition of Alternatives:

possible choice

Synonyms of Alternatives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alternatives:

Sentence/Example of Alternatives:

The Company, we understand, strenuously deny the necessity of these alternatives.

He recoiled from either of these alternatives; and then suddenly, as he racked his brains, a wild idea flashed over him.

Both alternatives are equally probable; and the image has always been secreted so jealously that any identification is impossible.

The second device was to lay before an extraordinary council the two alternatives and ask their decision.

It is a grievous wrong done to the people to place them between these alternatives.

Surrender, death, or outside help, were the only alternatives.

Thanks to these terrible alternatives many of the country folk decided to enlist under his command.

Who is sufficient for the calling of the Gospel ministry, when such are the alternatives involved in it?

She bloomed with alternatives—she resembled some dull garden-path which under a copious downpour has begun to flaunt with colour.

He did not put the alternatives so much in juxtaposition as I have; but they lay certainly in that manner on his thoughts.