Alternator [noun]

Definition of Alternator:

engine converting energy

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Sentence/Example of Alternator:

The powerful alternator on the Wondership was, of course, worked by the same motor that drove the big propellers.

Bedded down upon solid rock there was a high-tension alternator capable of absorbing the entire output of the mighty turbine.

I'm going to run a penstock up those falls, and put in a turbine, driving a high-tension alternator.

The humming whir of the great alternator rose gradually into a scream like the outcry of some angry thing.

It might be the turbine alternator of the Ring running by its own inertia for some time after the discharge had ceased.

The prevailing type of alternator for transmission work is that with internal revolving magnets and external stationary armature.

Ten years ago when the first long transmissions were going into operation 2,000 volts was considered high for an alternator.

The possibility of making an alternator excite itself like a series machine, by putting a condenser on it, was pointed out.

The other appears to have in it a resistance and a battery (or else an alternator).

The fundamental “electromotive-force equation” of the heteropolar alternator can now be given a more definite form.