Although [conjunction]

Definition of Although:

even though

Synonyms of Although:

Opposite/Antonyms of Although:


Sentence/Example of Although:

We prefer the American volume of Hochelaga to the Canadian one, although both are highly interesting.

And although we gabbled freely enough, MacRae avoided all mention of the persons of whom I most wished to hear.

This was my sincere endeavor, in those many discourses I had with that monarch, although it unfortunately failed of success.

But, there was also another which might not be quite so pleasing to Elizabeth, although Louis felt it came too late for him.

It may be fifty or a hundred centuries since men, although they were fully grown up, still went on trying to learn.

Probably the swallows were nesting in the cenote although the nests were inaccessible to view.

No one was hurt, although the shot was evidently intended for my party.

Although everybody laughed at such a notion, the Worm-eating Warbler declared that he had a right to his own belief.

Although the bird people didn't know it, he was anxious to reach his grandchildren.

He had to do something, for although all his land had been foreclosed on, he had two years to redeem the same.