Alto [adjective]

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He played clarinet and alto saxophone in the 17th Division Special Service Band as part of the Army’s 92nd Infantry Division, popularly known as the Buffalo Soldiers.

"But you see it was just this way," explained the pleasant little voice—all alto notes again.

"It's only Molly," explained an undeniably sweet little alto voice.

For the burial of a rich person (entierro alto) the sum of two hundred dollars is frequently paid.

Truth and sincerity staring out upon you perpetually in alto relievo.

Alto de Mombu, again, is five hundred feet higher than Hacquita, and the mean temperature has here fallen nearly two degrees.

On the 29th a cold south-easter blew off the ice-cliffs and the sun was trying to pierce a gauzy alto-stratus.

There is no sound save from the bush The alto of the shy wood-thrush, And ever and anon the dip Of a lazy oar.

Before the change of my voice came I had a fine alto voice and was a leader in my part of the class.

Cleo had just said something unintelligible and Corene answered with an alto groan, when there was a scream!