Altos [noun]

Definition of Altos:

high male voice

Synonyms of Altos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Altos:


Sentence/Example of Altos:

The cavalcade then got under weigh, and commenced winding up the rugged path that led toward the ‘Altos,’ or Puna heights.

The bulls graze in the remote Altos, and most of them are reserved for the bull fights in the Sierra villages.

During the rainy season the cattle are driven into the Altos.

The best preserved fragments which came under my observation were in the Altos, between Jauja and Tarma.

At the words "et in terra pax" the time changes, and two flutes softly accompany a single solemn melody in the altos.

Que los Indios de Yucatan son bien dispuestos y altos y rezios y de muchas fuercas.

On the road we had several times overtaken donkey-trains carrying corn to the mines of Pinos Altos.

The height of the cascade has been measured by a mining expert at Pinos Altos, and found to be 980 feet.

At present he was paying two dollars a month for his board, earning the money by selling grass in Pinos Altos.

They at once realized what had happened, piped up their joyous altos, and precipitated themselves upon Si.