Altruists [noun]

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Egoists (with even thinner and weaker voices) denounce Him as an altruist.

She was as yet an altruist in matters of the heart; she frankly and openly interested herself only in the loves of others.

Some of them believed him to be an altruist, while others, without evidence to support their views, regarded him with suspicion.

He spoke of the Church and of its mission in the world, with all the hope of a religious altruist.

The egoist may love his wife, but this love is interested and very different from that of the altruist.

Before the word had passed into moral philosophy, she had become an altruist in its truest sense.

And you will think that you have been dealing with a man whose hard head has turned to the mush of human kindness,—an altruist.

By altruist, we understand a man animated by powerful moral sentiments which preside over social humanitarian volitions.

In the pastor Sudermann attempts to paint the altruist in action.

But both egoist and altruist are philosophical abstractions.