Alumni [noun]

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Occasionally, the Alumni of the college may elect some of the Trustees.

This board consists of thirty-two members, elected by the Alumni.

In 1413 King Ladislaus excepted the Salernian alumni and professors from all taxes, duties, and tribute.

Clemens attended a Yale alumni dinner that winter and incidentally visited Twichell in Hartford.

At the business meeting it was determined to begin an Alumni fund, in aid either of members of the Association or the College.

Prexy always comes to that and any of the alumni who happen to be down.

He too had been a busy man and yet rejoiced to be with the younger alumni at the dinner.

At that time the whole interest of the grounds was centred around Alumni Hall.

We learned soon that this was to be no ordinary audience, but a special one granted to alumni of the American College in Rome.

In the throne room now the American alumni were to present their addresses to the Pope.