Alums [noun]

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The first-ever Virtual Tech Challenge drew alumni from all 10 reunion classes from 1970 to 2015 as well as some newly minted alums from the Class of 2020.

We’ve helped create over 3,000 jobs to date, and dozens of our alums have started companies, some of which have now raised millions of dollars and generated millions in revenue.

If they require a second water put alum to that also as well as to the rinsing and blue water.

Thus the proportions are omitted, and alum becomes alum compound, whatever that may mean.

On examination it was found that the enclosure of the Atarrea was broken down, and the source saturated with alum.

The principal impurity, and one which renders alum unfit for the use of the dyer, is iron.

The applications of alum in the arts and manufactures are numerous and important.

Bad teeth and their early decay is another consequence of the daily use of alum in our food.

Ores containing it in any quantity are, therefore, unfitted for the manufacture of alum.

The alum-stone of Mont dOr contains, according to Cordier, 14% of oxide of iron.