Alveoli [noun]

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A breath of these microscopic particles can send them all the way to the alveoli, the tiny sacs where the lungs and the blood swap oxygen and carbon dioxide.

In the Atlantic City specimen the axis of the tooth where it emerges from the alveolus is 91 mm.

The alveolus lies entirely behind the symphysis, its anterior end being 160 mm.

When extracted from the alveolus, the whole tooth is found to be concave internally and convex externally.

When in the natural position, these teeth protrude about 33 mm., or a little more than one-third their height, above the alveolus.

The margins of the cleft in the lip are also attached to the alveolus by firm reflections of the mucous membrane.

Limited portions of the alveolus are frequently broken in the extraction of teeth.

The inflammation begins close to the alveolus, and may spread back along the palate.

A muco-purulent discharge escapes from within the free edge of the gum and alveolus.

A dental plate should be fitted to fill up the gap in the alveolus.