Amain [adverb]

Definition of Amain:

at a tremendous rate

Synonyms of Amain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amain:


Sentence/Example of Amain:

The Engagement then grew desperate, for they on either Side fired in amain, whilst we withstood their Force.

Amain I did for the horse what I would neither do for earl or baron, doffed my hat; yes!

On Astur's throat Horatius right firmly press'd his heel, And thrice and four times tugg'd amain, ere he wrench'd outthe steel.

So the lady gave Sir Launcelot the halter rein, weeping amain as she did so.

No sooner had the lads scampered away, making the vast grove ring amain to their acclaims, than I began my preparations.

It was as though the solid planks heaved amain, causing the carpeting to rise and fall in billows.

Amain I did for the horse what I would neither do for earl nor baron, doffed my hat; yes!

And now it began to rain, and thunder and lighten in a most dreadful manner; and the waters rose amain!

The stormy blast of hell With restless fury drives the spirits on Whirl'd round and dash'd amain with sore annoy.

Some make ready to march afoot over the plains; some, mounted on tall horses, ride amain in clouds of dust.