Amalgamates [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Amalgamates:

Another committee for the same purpose is also in formation, and the two committees will either amalgamate or work together.

These latter it left to be dealt with by the new companies into which the craftsmen were beginning to amalgamate.

It is evident that patterns, conventionalized and brought from distant sources, sometimes meet and amalgamate.

Nor would she amalgamate with the children, nor even eat or drink except still beside “Sister,” as she called Angela.

Even as early as Justin we find tendencies to amalgamate historical material and natural theology.

Neither Punch nor Don Quixotte manifested the least disposition to amalgamate with us.

It was written when everything in fusion, like molten metal, might readily amalgamate, and be molded into new forms.

In fact, they were rather surprised than pleased to meet at all; and it was in vain their host tried to get them to amalgamate.

He would not amalgamate with them; nor would he adopt their principles.

But they are a distinct people who amalgamate with difficulty, if at all.