Amalgamations [noun]

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Everybody else was based on someone I knew, or an amalgamation.

Overall, the site appears like an amalgamation of some of the most odious factions of social media, centralized on one platform that’s attracted millions of users.

Today, it exists as an amalgamation of a variety of functions, including application security, network security, and physical security.

Such amalgamation, they considered, need not be effected at one time, but should be accomplished gradually.

Or, if not, were they to exist by amalgamation with the European stocks, and thus contribute the elements of a new race?

This is reflected in the terms of amalgamation with the Great Western Company.

It proposes the amalgamation of civilization with barbarism.

Thus amalgamation of races insures the conditions of primary social contacts most favorable for assimilation.

Amalgamation is a biological process, the fusion of races by interbreeding and intermarriage.

Accordingly in 1771 an amalgamation of all the masonic groups was effected at the new lodge of the Amis Réunis.