Amalgams [noun]

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Stellantis will be an amalgam of model lines with enviable positions in certain segments, but neither company has much of a foothold in the luxury-car business or China’s vast auto market.

If the metal to be cleansed is gold, you will see a pasty mass or amalgam, as it is called, of a yellowish tinge.

In a few seconds the new compound (ammonium amalgam) of the consistence of butter is formed.

Compounded or blended with quicksilver; formed into an amalgam.

Looking-glasses are covered on the back with an amalgam of mercury and tin.

Make an amalgam, without heat, of two drachms of leaf silver with one drachm of quicksilver.

After all the quicksilver was passed through the leather, the amalgam was put into a large retort, and screwed down.

An amalgam is a pasty mixture of mercury with other substances (properly with a metal).

But not with that latter amalgam did Hannibal force his way through the Alps.

The amalgam of gold and quicksilver is collected in sheet iron buckets.