Amanuensis [noun]

Definition of Amanuensis:


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Sentence/Example of Amanuensis:

A pity for you that my amanuensis is not on stock to-day, and my own hand perceptibly worse than usual.

The Amanuensis sits opposite to me writing to her offspring.

My amanuensis deserts me—I should have said you, for yours is the loss, my script having lost all bond with humanity.

Austin came back from school last week, which made a great time for the Amanuensis, you may be sure.

The Amanuensis has been ill, and after the above trial petered out.

Burns, who had been walking up and down the room, cast himself into an armchair and stared despairingly at his amanuensis.

It was written by the bishop or his amanuensis during his visitation, 1595, in Flatdal parish, Telemarken.

But the following essay is hers in a peculiar sense; my share in it being little more than that of editor or amanuensis.

Neither word was luminous to Bean, but he learned that the old gentleman was writing a book and would need an amanuensis.

He made himself useful as amanuensis and otherwise, and his words are occasionally found among the notes of conversation.