Amassed [verb]

Definition of Amassed:

gather, accumulate

Synonyms of Amassed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amassed:

Sentence/Example of Amassed:

Walmart EVP Srini Venkatesan notes that the app has amassed a network of 540 third-party merchant partners and north of 30,000 people who have delivered goods with the service since its launch half-a-decade ago.

It also included Seattle wide receiver Tyler Lockett amassing 200 receiving yards and three touchdowns on 15 catches.

The same offense that amassed 208 rushing yards in Week 7 carried the ball only nine times against the Giants.

Landscaping companies, for instance, have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok by offering tedious glimpses of their everyday work.

With Google, Apple and Firefox either set to dismantle ad targeting via third party cookies or doing so already, publishers are scrambling to amass the first-party data required to keep offering audience-based targeting to advertisers.

WeChat, which has also amassed over 1 billion users, is behind in daily volume of messages, too.

This year we considered not just how much power a woman had amassed, but how she’s using it to shape the world around her.

We overstate enormously the individual’s ability to amass knowledge, and understate society’s role in possessing it.

Prior to the ban, TikTok identified India — where it had amassed over 200 million monthly active users — as its biggest market outside of China.

The advent of low-cost Android smartphones and the world’s cheapest mobile data has paved the way for millions of social media influencers in India to amass a following of tens of millions of users in recent years.