Amateurishness [noun]

Definition of Amateurishness:

clumsiness; inelegance

Opposite/Antonyms of Amateurishness:

Sentence/Example of Amateurishness:

Our national amateurishness beforehand was not altogether to our discredit; neither was it altogether to our credit.

From time to time some quite brilliant piece of work throws up more vividly the amateurishness of the rest.

Amateurishness has encircled women in the past like the seven rivers of Hades.

The work is entirely free from those traces of amateurishness, almost inseparable from a first effort.

If it throws into awkward relief the amateurishness of some of their associates that can't be helped.

So Delilah may have wooed Samson to slumber, with the same practised touch, the same absence of amateurishness or spontaneity.

Indeed, the amateurishness of Shakspere has been mightily exposed of late years.

There must be many appearances before audiences before the amateurishness is worn off.

It is another matter with Dargomijsky: his amateurishness lies in his creative work, in his very forms themselves.

To possess an average talent, to be weak in technique and yet to pose as an innovator—is pure amateurishness.