Amateurs [noun]

Definition of Amateurs:

casual participant

Synonyms of Amateurs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amateurs:

Sentence/Example of Amateurs:

Others again, are, from their high price, beyond the reach of the greater number of amateurs.

Then again amateurs may resort to the old French makers, some old English and the Tyrolean, which may be had cheaper still.

Six regular poachers come daily to The Chequers, but there are many others hanging around who are merely amateurs.

Amateurs will perhaps sneer at these cynical maxims, but each can learn from them what he wishes.

How is it that amateurs invariably take better photographs than professionals?

The result of the lots on the Tuesday gave the amateurs the choice of ships, and they took the 'Enriqueta.'

These models, from the hands of professionals as well as amateurs, were in some cases very beautiful.

The junior club is the Yare Sailing Club, which welcomes all amateurs as members who can pay a 5s.

Performances may be given by amateurs upon payment to the author of a royalty of five dollars ($5.00) for each performance.

An enormous sum was offered him for the right of engraving them, and the print-sellers were not more favored than the amateurs.