Amative [adjective]

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The natures of both are alike, and any—the least—exercise of the amative function is an injury to one as to the other.

Bending low until his mouth touched hers, he kissed her until her face glowed under the ardor of his amative caress.

The waiting was tedious, and having been long denied, the amative element could not brook further delay.

The wife, though amative, confessed to another woman that she could not understand the attraction.

He shut up the box and with a bang as an amative couple came into sight.

It was a surprise to see these leisurely and luxurious animals spattering the water in such an ecstasy of amative rage.

He was amative or constructive, and at the same time he not only possessed but liked to exercise lucidity of thought.

Nor are many persons sufficiently aware of the ruinous extent to which the amative propensity is indulged by married persons.

The amative function is regarded merely as a bait to the propagative, and is merged in it.

Phrenology confirms this; for her amative developments are singularly prominent.