Amativenesses [noun]

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She said if she had cultivated amativeness, she would have made a more agreeable companion.

The first organ, Amativeness (made second by Spurzheim), was assumed to occupy the entire cerebellum.

How should she know that his indifference was often a victory over himself, as his amativeness was a defeat?

Because that great motive power (amativeness) that gives the push and go-aheaditiveness is checked, or rather, ceases to act.

They are generally stubborn; and their weak point is apt to be Amativeness.

When combined with Amativeness it manifests in the tendency to fight for mates.

Amativeness is not yet of course fully developed, but I expect will be prodeegiously strong.

Darwin says, "The faculty of amativeness is not aroused except by the unfamiliar."

Adapted to the pairing principle in man and animals, and is located between Adhesiveness and Amativeness.

Mr. Valdingam: Your course, therefore, will be to draw from her some decisive manifestation of this abnormal amativeness.