Amatory [adjective]

Definition of Amatory:

affectionate, desirous

Synonyms of Amatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amatory:

Sentence/Example of Amatory:

Here the conversation took a distinctly amatory turn, and would probably hardly interest the reader.

To be sure, this was not by any means his first amatory venture.

Amatory, am′at-or-i, adj. relating to or causing love: affectionate.

Ruth got over being worried by amatory bouts with the wounded poilus after a while.

The amatory poetry of Provence had the same source with the national poetry of Spain; both were derived from the Arabians.

Amatory poets write as though they wore their hearts in their heads.

The first of his contributions was an amatory address to a Miss Hannah Byrne, herself, it appears, a poetess.

Forgive interruption, he went on, just as if Mrs. Dan who was non-amatory had been engaged in a furious flirtation.

He has left a number of pieces on amatory subjects, including songs and sonnets.

Some are simply amatory effusions of an ordinary character, full of a lover's despair and complaint.