Amaze [verb]

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His powerful logic would surprise,Amaze, and much delight: He proved that dimness of the eyesWas hurtful to the sight.

Three strides took Andrews to the spot, and there he halted in amaze with a little exclamation of astonishment.

"Madam, I am not disputing your word," cried poor Jack, in amaze at her angry vehemence.

They did not know they were glimpsing the first outcroppings of a genius that would one day amaze and entertain the nations.

She hid them quickly in the folds of her cloak, and all the while the expression of amaze and fear on her face did not abate.

Then, while all looked on in silent amaze, she burst into tears, and declared she would go home that instant.

Imagine my amaze to beach a little fish that weighed scarcely more than two pounds!

Instead of replying, her companion laid down his spoon and looked at her in delighted amaze.

Still the panic-stricken people viewed him with unmoving gaze, Who may be this unknown warrior, questioned they in hushed amaze!

Various feelings away the monarchs as they stand in hushed amaze, Mutely in those speechless moments on the lifeless warrior gaze!