Amazed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Amazed:

The first time I saw a partially indexed page, I was amazed by this new phenomenon, but it was easy to explain this problem in 2017.

While declining to provide numbers, Dulong said he was “amazed” by the number of people that had interacted with the Mini app since it became available in July.

“I was amazed by how quickly my organization moved, and I think it was only because of the purpose,” he said.

Honestly, I think if they weren’t laughing, they were probably amazed.

I was in India in December, and I was amazed by the deterioration in air quality in and around Delhi over the last three or four years.

He stood, with the air of a hero, both arms extended towards the amazed pair of lovers.

Above all, he was amazed to hear me talk of a mercenary standing army in the midst of peace and among a free people.

Her manner amazed him; it was so unlike the aspect of fair interpretation, with which she usually discussed a dubious subject.

I am always astonished, amazed and delighted afresh, and even as I listen I can hardly believe that the man can play so!

On rounding a point a few minutes after, he was again arrested by a scene which, while it charmed, amazed him.