Amazes [verb]

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It amazes me now to think how little either of us troubled about the established rights or wrongs of the situation.

It amazes me, for she is perfectly amiable, both in temper and person; she is a widow of about eight and twenty.

It still amazes me—I shall die amazed—that such a thing can be possible in the modern state.

This amazes him; almost takes his breath away; it is so different from his dream, which left him in a desperate hole.

It is an artless kind of fresco-work, which nevertheless amazes us by remaining perfect after thirty-five centuries.

The noise at once surprises and slightly amazes me; these bullets seem less dangerous when they sing and whistle.

What amazes me to the point of stupefaction is the marvelous impression of truth with which hypnotism can fill one.

We may reasonably suppose that some of the output is lost, but what is left to this day in Basle amazes us.

The mosque must have been built on as large and magnificent a scale as the one which still amazes us in Cordova.

Happily the Egyptians performed a work of such mightiness that it amazes the beholder.