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mean lady

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My colleague Jonathan Vanian has a couple of his highlights and CNET has an even more detailed exploration of what was announced, if you are an Amazon maximalist.

As I type, Amazon is up nearly 1% in pre-market trading, helped by investor enthusiasm for a new lineup of products introduced yesterday.

After years of rumors, Amazon finally detailed its cloud-gaming service Luna, which lets people stream certain video games to devices like personal computers without having to buy a video game console.

It also offers simulated quantum computers available through Amazon’s Braket cloud computing service and others.

Earlier this week, Echelon Fitness unveiled an “Ex-Prime” bike for $500 that it said was developed in collaboration with Amazon.

Public corporations like Apple, Amazon, and others have made commitments to climate neutrality, but we can’t hope and pray that other companies will follow in their footsteps.

Amazon launched a “Prime Bike” on Tuesday, a bid to compete with an array of at-home exercise bikes that have become popular in the pandemic, such as those offered by Peloton Interactive.

Organizers of the walkouts at Amazon and Google have conferred with officials of various unions—which group initially approached the other is not clear—and have met with other employees about potentially unionizing.

A July 15 follow-up from corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, gave details about CSL’s masks, including pictures and a snapshot of thousands apparently purchased through Amazon.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the company does daily temperature checks and has installed thermal cameras at some of its sites.